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Stage Two: Double Switchback

Double Switchback

Training Tip: We recommend that you reach n=5 on the Double Ahead exercise before you begin training with Double Switchback.

Double Switchback delivers two sequences at the same time - one visual and one aural. Your goal: Remember the two sequences and then try to match them in reverse with your computer's mouse and keyboard.

If you match the reverse sequences correctly, you will be given the option to move up to the next level (increasing the length of each sequence by one item) or stay where you are.

Double Switchback starts with a sequence of two visual and two aural items. The visual items appear randomly on a three by three grid. And the aural items will be selected randomly from the eight letters B, F, G, H, K, M, P and Q.

At the conclusion of each sequence, the program will display the Pattern match window:


In the Pattern match window you must try input the two sequences in reverse (i.e., backwards).
  • Enter the reverse of visual sequence you saw by clicking on the squares in the grid. Your choices will appear in the panel to the right. You can change a choice by clicking on it (in the right hand panel) and re-entering it (in the left hand grid).

  • Enter the reverse of the aural sequence you heard by typing the letters using your computer keyboard.
Each Double Switchback session delivers 25 sets of items for you to try to echo. A Double Switchback session will last approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

We recommend that you stick with Double Switchback until you've reached an average n-level score of more than 6, then move on to Double Gapmatch.

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