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Recommended Training Schedule

Mind Sparke uses a four stage training method. Whatever your current capacity for short term memory and attention, the training monitor will be able to accurately adjust within a single session. The system automatically guides you from one training stage to the next. Unless you're already familiar with Mind Sparke's "dual n-back" training, we highly recommend that you permit the training monitor to guide you through the training stages.

Stage One: Double Ahead
Four or five sessions per week until you reach an average session score of between 5 and 6, then move on to Double Switchback.
Target n of 5 or higher
Stage Two: Double Switchback
Four or five sessions per week until you reach an average score of between 6 and 7, then move on to Double Gapmatch.
Target n of 6 or higher
Stage Three: Double Gapmatch
Four or five sessions per week for at least 10 weeks (50 sessions). Then choose to keep training regularly, or switch to an intermittent training schedule. If you take a long break or train infrequently, we recommend a intensive "booster" period of 20 sessions, four or five sessions per week, once each year.
50 sessions or more
Stage Four: "Dual n-back" Variations
After training at Stage Three for 50 sessions, the training monitor will move you on to Stage Four. We have designed and orchestrated a number of challenging variations to the "dual n-back" training method that will further increase the overall flexibility and power of your mental capabilities.

If you feel underchallenged or overchallenged, adjust accordingly. Ultimately, your brain should be the guide. But remember that the training works by keeping you just at the edge of your current ability.

Sessions last about twenty to thirty minutes and the program will let you know when you're done. You should aim to complete one session per training day; train in a single sitting, if possible. Training more intensively is fine so long as you don't overtire your brain. Results may come a little more quickly.

You can train at Stage Four indefinitely. We recommend that you integrate the training into your weekly routine, much like physical exercise, training three to five times per week. Alternatively, you can put the program aside for a while and return for an intensive annual "booster" training period of a few weeks.

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