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Stage Four: "Dual N-back" Variations


Training Tip: We recommend that you complete at least 50 sessions of the Double Gapmatch exercise before you begin Stage Four.

Many of the "dual n-back" variations we've designed for Stage Four of the training demand an even greater level of executive working memory management than the classic "dual n-back" exercise. These variations also call upon different kinds of short term memory, demanding greater mental flexibility and providing a comprehensive mental workout. Once you have spent some time training with Double Gapmatch, you will find that Stage Four will help you expand your cognitive ability and reach even higher levels.

One exercise in particular -- Nines -- requires a little explanation. The concept of Nines is deceptively simple. Instead of an aural sequence of spoken letters, you will hear an aural sequence of spoken numbers -- One through Eight. But rather than listen for simple matching pairs, you must register an aural match when the two numbers sum to "9" (hence the name of the exercise).

Therefore, in Nines the aural matches are 1 and 8, 2 and 7, 3 and 6, and 4 and 5.

Good luck!

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