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Brain Fitness Pro - Benefits

Brain Fitness Pro stimulates the growth of new brain cells, strengthening working memory, problem-solving ability, and concentration. Improving these core brain functions brings increased intelligence, greater focus, less distraction, and improved memory.

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Self-Improvement And Occupational Success

Busy schedules, constant distractions, and information overload disrupt the brain's ability to form memories and stimulate new cell growth. Brain Fitness Pro provides an antidote to the mental stresses of the modern world. Requiring complete focus while stretching visual and aural working memory the training increases the ability to retain information, complete tasks, and think deeply without distraction. Susanne Jaeggi Martin Buschkuehl Perrig PNAS April 2008 Bern Michigan increase intelligence and brain power by training working memory

Academic Success

Research has shown that working memory capacity correlates more closely to academic success than IQ. Customers of Brain Fitness Pro enjoy increases in working memory capacity of between 50% and 80%. Furthermore, the dual n-back training method employed in the software is the only brain training method proven to increase fluid intelligence (problem-solving ability). Fluid intelligence increases of more than 40% in 19 days make the training an excellent aid for anyone soon to take a standardized test (such as the SAT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, or IQ test, etc.).

Mental Health And Well-Being

For each decade past the age of forty-five we lose about 10% of our cognitive capacity (UCSF Memory and Aging Center). decline in memory mental sharpness with age UCSF Memory and Aging Center Scientists have shown that increased mental activity reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's symptoms and dementia. (Larry, a seventy-five-year-old from Detroit, increased his short term memory by 150% in less than two months using Brain Fitness Pro. See Larry's progress...)

Various studies have related depression to the inhibition of new neural growth. Effective brain training creates a virtuous cycle of brain exercise, challenge, reward, and cell growth that helps combat and reduce the impact of depression.

Musical Aptitude And Appreciation

Customers consistently report dramatic and permanent improvements in their ability to play a musical instrument. The training also improves the ability to hear into a piece of music, appreciating it more fully.

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