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   Welcome to Mind Sparke, the most sophisticated brain-training program available today. To get the most out of the program and to avoid unnecessary frustration, read this document.

Mind Sparke's integrated approach to brain training takes cutting edge science, innovative, proprietary exercises and an individualized monitoring and management engine to deliver what is by far the most effective brain training program available. At each stage of training the system analyzes your current capability and adjusts the level of difficulty accordingly.

Expect to feel overwhelmed at first. As you progress and as your abilities improve, the system increases the duration and complexity of the training sequences, ensuring that each and every session requires just the right level of exertion on your part.

It is essential that you approach the training with active rather than passive attention. The more that you strive to do well at each level, the more successful you will be. Attention and the satisfaction of a challenge met are essential to the stimulation of brain growth.

Training Stages

Mind Sparke uses a four stage training method. Whatever your current capacity for short term memory and attention, the training monitor will be able to accurately adjust within a single session. The system automatically guides you from one training stage to the next. You can also choose to stay at a stage or skip a stage.
Double Ahead exercise, level 1 through level 5.
Double Switchback exercise, level 1 through level 6.
Double Gapmatch exercise (also known as "dual n-back"), fifty training sessions in a twelve week period.
Various exercises. You can select your own exercises at Stage Four, but we recommend that you let the program choose for you.
Stages One and Two are designed for relatively rapid progress. Some people will complete Stage One in a single session. For others it may take a while. But whether you sail through the levels of difficulty or take a little longer is unimportant for your cognitive development. Research has shown that the intensity of focus you bring to the training determines the degree of benefit you enjoy.

It is also important to remember that since the training works by stimulating the production of new brain cells and integrating these brain cells into existing neural structures, it generally takes at least ten to fifteen days before you begin to notice changes in your thinking power.

At Mind Sparke we're interested in learning about your experience with the program. We encourage you to participate in the training blog ( and post about your training sessions. The blog is also a great place to seek advice from other trainers, or for tips and moral support. If you take any "before" and "after" tests (standardized tests, IQ tests, etc.) please send us your scores.

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